Founded in 1992, the JOURNALIST ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (JAI) is a non Profit professional and education organisation and regd. with registrar of society of India (Government of India) in 1994, under the society registration Act 1860 India.

Welcome to Our Association

The JOURNALIST ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (JAI) (Non-Profit Organization) is working and fighting to protect for freedom of expression, under the valuable guidance of
H K Sethi since last more than 20 years.

Journalist Association of India under the flagship of Journalists Federation of India is fighting cesslessly for the Journalists Welfare, rights of media worldwide/from last twenty years, and also working for professional development for Writers, Editors, Journalists, Publishers, Correspondents, Reporters, Freelance writers, Public Relations Professionals, Photographers and other persons/individuals/organization serving in the field of media sector. Non-Profit Organization venture among independent producers and distributors.

Not only this JAI is working for the International pool of TV, movie, press ( print and electronic) and radio journalists worldwide under the valuable guidance of Mr. H.K Sethi, Secretary General of Journalist Association of India (Mobile: 09899462353). Ensuring social, legal (providing legal help) & financial protection of journalists Of News Organization.

For Raising the standards of journalists we are in Organizing seminars, bringing coaching to journalists who needs feedback & training to increase their proficiency in the industry, dedicated to defending, protects, improves the rights and safety of the journalists & promotion of the media freedom world-wide. Protects and improves the rights of journalists intellectuals & writers, tallies attack on journalists & documents the worst places to be the journalist.

Journalist Association of India (JAI) represent journalists in all sectors of media. The Journalism scene is increasingly dominated by the impact of media concentration and the influence of powerful media conglomerates around the world, there are concerns about attempts to loosen media ownership controls and there is gowing concern for the future of the powerful tradition of public service broadcasting.

The work of the Journalist Association of India (JAI) has focused on the development of independent and quality journalism in support of democratic, social and economic development, under the flagship of Journalists Federation of India (

The Journalist Association of India (JAI) activites are articulated among the following priorities:
* Addressing democratic change, public accountability and globalisation issues.
* Strengthening independent journalist trade unions, that are best able to defend media freedom and public scrutiny.
* Advancing the respect for international standards of media/ press freedom. * Raising the professional status of journalists.
* Safty and human rights. To encourage a climate in which journalism can be practiced freely.
* Quality journalism: improving professional and ethical standards. To stimulate high standards and ethical behavior in the practice of journalism.
* Press Freedom. To maintain constant vigilance in protection/ guarantees of freedom of speech and of the press.
* Public service broadcasting.
* Gender equity.
* Developing resources. To inspire successive generations of talented individuals to become dedicated journalists. To encourage diversity in journalism.
* Conducting workshops and seminars. To foster excellence among journalists.
* To promote this flow of information.To be the pre-eminent, broad based membership organisation for journalists.

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